Quandel Consultants, LLC has an established reputation of providing projects on-schedule; within budget; and to the satisfaction of our clients. We have expanded our business line to include bridge and highway experience with the addition of staff that have proven the same established reputations within the industry, and on Illinois Tollway projects.

Street and Highway planning and design services include the preparation of design studies including the preparation of Design Concept Reports for many types of street, roadway and highway improvements. Quandel staff have expertise in all components and needs for design studies including coordination of surveys; Coordination of Surveys; Traffic Data Collection and Analysis; Environmental Survey Coordination; Roadside Hazard Analysis and Mitigation; Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis and Designs; Intersection Design Studies; Permit Preparation and Coordination; and Special Studies for Safety Improvements.  Additionally, Quandel Consultants is proficient with carrying the design studies to reality with Program and Project Management of projects including the preparation of construction documents for all types or roadway, street and highway improvements including: Survey Coordination; Utility Coordination and Design; Geometric Design; Traffic Signal Design; Erosion Control Planning and Design; Development of Traffic Control Plans; Structural Planning and Design; Storm Water and Detention ROW Coordination; Preparation of Construction Special Provisions; Evaluation and Preparation of Estimates of Construction Cost and of Construction Time.  We help bring the needed infrastructure improvement to reality.