Peru Rail

Quandel teamed with AAR’s Transportation technology Center (TTCI) to perform an audit of the passenger and freight train operations on the Cusco-Macchu Pichu and Cusco-Juliaca-Arequipa-Mollendo lines in the Andes Mountains. The audit included evaluation of train and train crew performance, train operating schedules, train dispatching, freight train braking capacity and procedures, rules, safety and training procedures.

Services Provided


Quandel inspected locomotives and cars, rode locomotives and trains, interviewed managers, supervisors, train dispatchers and crew members in both the passenger and freight operations. Quandel reviewed operating rules and practices, braking equipment and methods, train tonnage limitations as well as certain safety rules as part of its evaluation. Quandel presented its findings and recommendations to senior management in Lima, Peru at the conclusion of the field phase of the project.