Midwest Regional Rail Initiative Phase 7

Quandel Consultants provided program/project management services that included planning, engineering, and operations to the Midwest Regional Rail Initiative that will provide more than 3,000 miles of an improved and expanded passenger rail system in the Midwest and service to nine states. The Midwest Regional Rail System (MWRRS) will uses existing rights-of-way shared with existing freight and commuter servicers and would connect the Midwestern states and their growing populations and business centers.

Services Provided

Program / Project Management

Quandel Consultants program management services, including engineering planning, alternative analysis, environmental studies and implementation strategies to the Midwest Regional Rail Initiative since June 2009. The MWRRI is an effort to develop an improved and expanded passenger rail system in the Midwest.


As part of the planning effort for the Midwest Regional Rail Initiative, Quandel developed passenger rail service plans that satisfied USDOT’s Vision for a National Network of High Speed Rail. The plan encompassed a passenger rail network of more than 3000 miles serving nine states and provides multimodal connections and a feeder bus system to improve system access.


Quandel provided concept engineering and project cost estimates to upgrade existing rail rights –of-way to permit frequent, reliable, higher speed passenger train operations that would result in efficient, safe, and reliable and on-time performance for both passenger and freight systems.