City of Dearborn Passenger Rail Intermodal Facility

Quandel Consultants is serving as sub-consultant on the final design team for a new intercity passenger station in Dearborn, MI, to prepare final design plans for the track and signal improvements. The project is funded under a 2009 federal ARRA grant to improve intermodal Passenger access to the region. Quandel Consultants staff evaluated a series of different track and station configurations under a series of previous studies leading to the preparation of an Environmental Assessment and Record of Decision. The team produced design criteria, geometric design plans for review with the host railroads: Norfolk Southern and Amtrak. The selected alternative includes a new station facility with side platforms and an overhead passenger walkway to provide safe movement of pedestrians across the tracks. The station provides a new intermodal hub for pedestrians, bike, bus, taxi, private automobile and both intercity and commuter rail. The existing second track will be extended approximately one half mile through the station to allow train access to both platforms. The existing interlocking will be relocated to the west.

Services Provided


Quandel’s experience spans all phases of rail corridor planning, from early feasibility studies through the environmental clearance process. Whether a commuter rail service startup, an existing service line extension, or development of high speed and intercity passenger rail corridor, we help our clients advance their projects through the planning phase, guiding our clients to make the decisions necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of service implementation.