Rocky Mountain Rail Authority’s High Speed Rail Feasibility Study, Denver, CO

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  • Customer :Michale Jeff
  • Category :Business
  • Date :16 April, 2018
  • Status :In Process
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  • Tags :investment , finance

Case Description

Project Description

Quandel provided planning and engineering services for the Rocky Mountain Rail Authority (RMRA), to determine the feasibility of implementing high speed passenger rail service along Colorado’s Front Range from Wyoming to New Mexico and along the I-70 Corridor from Denver to the Utah state border including secondary corridors to major tourist destinations. The services include the development of initial alignment plans and profiles and capital cost estimates for technologies capable of travelling at speeds between 79 mph and 250 mph.

Services Provided

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  • Planning Quandel Consultants developed design criteria for each level of high speed rail technology – 79 mph, 110 mph, 150 mph, 220 mph, and 250 mph – to optimize the alignments within each corridor to ensure proper relationship between travel time and capital cost. Quandel created initial alignment plans, profiles and capital cost estimates for technologies capable of traveling at speeds between 79 mph and 250 mph.
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Final Results

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